Awesome new cables from Jorma Design!

Jorma Design have released a new line of cables which replaces the old No.2 called 'Duality', including rca's, xlr's & a power cable. The new cables use the same materials used in No.2, but the quality is pushed to the limits whilst keeping the price about the same as the old model. The speaker cables use twin runs for the positive and negative, and are similar in design to the flagship Statement cables, only with simplified shieldings, and a slightly less pure grade of copper. Whilst the ic's and power cables use separate runs of cable within the same outer shieldings.

Jorma is very unlike 'commercial' cable companies who churn out new models every 2 years. Jorma takes the time needed to fully develop new models. No.2 remained unchanged for 12 years!

To describe the sound of Jorma cables, in a word I would say "natural". They get the tone/timbre of instruments spot on. Prime which I know very well nails the midrange. Jorma cables generally sound neutral (eg: Origo) to warm (eg: Unity, Prime), and are harmonically rich. Very musical sounding cables. What can I say, I just found the xlr cables for my next Oppo player!

Here is a link to further info -
Interview with Jorma Kosky on the new Duality cables -



where are you located? Do you have a Jorma dealer/retailer near you?

Happy Listening!

Jafant , yes I have a dealer.
i would add that compared to my KS Elation and a few others I know, the Statement’s sound is bit less dense and due to its neutrality, may sound bit less involving. 
@alectiong , here is another response from David (melbguy1):

"Based on your feedback Alectiong, I think you would prefer Jorma Prime to Statement. In my system, I use a combination of Prime pc's + xlr's & Statement sc's, and I will probably leave it that way as i'm very happy with the overall sound. Also i'm not sure if those cables you have in for audition are fully burnt in, but fyi Jorma cables improve substantially once they're fully run in.. It's not a subtle difference. I guess the bottom line is, cables as we know are a matter of personal preference; KS make some great sounding cables also, but Jorma's top cables have better build quality imho."

Hi Melbguy1, the Statement sc's are fully burnt in. They sure have wonderful resolution and wide soundstaging and precise imaging. Besides the ruler-flat neutrality, I would add that what surprises me is a perceived leanness compared to my other cables. I am a bit baffled.
Sorry about the late response Alectiong, but I was forced to re-register after it seems I incurred a permanent ban, lol. I think you described the sound signature of the Jorma Statement cables well, however I don’t perceive any leanness paired with my Vitus Signature series gear fyi. Perhaps the Jorma’s resolution and neutrality are revealing some inherant leanness from your amp(s) and/or front end? For sure, there are cables with more prominent bass (eg: Siltech), but I personally prefer Jorma’s sound signature which is neutral (Jorma Origo/Statement) to warm/rich (Prime), natural & delicate. Jorma nails the midrange, so it’s a matter of preference. I don’t believe in using cables as tone controls, but I know plenty of audiophiles who do. There are no wrongs or rights here; many ways to skin a cat as they say!