Awesome LP least for me

1. ELP's Pix at an whoopdidoo, except that inside the cover there are cool concert pictures of each band member on photographic paper in b/w....was this so in the original release?

2. ELP's Works...I love Pirates!

3. Mercury Living Presence: Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto#3 by Byron Janis on Piano and the LSO w/Antal never played/

4. Half speed Mastered extended range recording by CBS Mastersound (audiophile pressing) of: Grofe (grand canyon suite),,Eugene Ormandy/Philadelphia Orchestra.super mint.

5. A Bell Laboratories release....Early Hi Fi,,,wide range and stereo recordings made by Bell Telephone Labs in the 1930's. Leopold Stokowski conducting the Philadelphia Orchestra, 1931-1932. Interesting stuff...
Always gratifying to find treasures!
Any & all original Savoy jazz pressings. I picked up Joe Wilder, "Wilder Wilder Wilder" for about $20.00 at the WFMU record fair in NYC & saw it on Ebay closing for
158.00. I ordered a Flyright Lousiana Swamp Blues for $10.00 & rec'd the test pressing. I'm sure everyone into
vinyl has stories like this, Lets hear them !!
For those that do enjoy threads of this ilk, there about five posted per day on the AA site.
A few years ago I picked up Keith Jared's "Sunbear Concert",
a 10-LP tome for $10 mint at Goodwill. It's a huge book with
LP sleeves and arty photographs. What an ego that guy has. The music and recording are quality, though.
Jethro Tull "Living in the past" 1st US press still sealed. also "a passion play" 1st us press still sealed.

The Doors "Morrison Hotel" 1st press still sealed.

Yes 1st lp first U.S. press sealed.

Colosseum "Those who are about to die salute you" sealed,

Alex Harvey "Tomorrow belongs to me' 1st US press sealed,

Roxy Music "VIVA" 1st US press sealed,

The rolling stones "Exile on Main street" 1st US press sealed.

I also scored a reissue of a great Greek band form 1971?
TA 4 Enineaa "The ynapehe" the guy was selling a first press and the reissue I got the reissue for 20 bucks the first press went for $900.00