Awesome Customer Support


I had a customer service experience today I just had to share. Now, for the record, the hifi audio industry (in general) has the best customer service/support of all consumer technologies I'm familiar with. I figure readers of A-gon know this already, though. I've had rare mediocre experiences, a few good ones, but one company consistently provides me EXCELLENT SUPPORT. Who? Zu Audio! For example...

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon some Zu modified Sennheiser 280 Pro headphones. I recall these cans from hours of internet reading in my college years. Being modified by Zu made them all the more cool, so I gave them a ring and placed an order for the 280's as well as a set of XLR cables and a SPDIF cable (the only two cables in my setup which aren't Zu). Zu shipped them out the next day. They arrived last Monday, a week ago. Well, more like "arrived"...

Although the USPS tracking showed the parcel as delivered to my address, it was not there when I got home from work. I worked with the local Post Office all week long to try to determine what happened. Long story short, the package was stolen from my porch between the delivery time and my return from work. A week later, still hasn't turned up, still no idea who might have taken it. To make matters worse, USPS informed me I was screwed as the shipment wasn't insured (at my choice). Last week wasn't my favorite week...

So, a week later (today), I placed a call to Zu. I spoke with both Sean and Gerrit. After informing them of my circumstances, they reassured me I'd be taken care of. In fact, they apologized because they wouldn't be able to get another shipment in the mail to me for 2 days. Then, as Gerrit and I were going over the details again, he mentioned they had just gotten some T-shirts in. He asked my size and tossed it in the package as well. No muss, no fuss, just awesomeness.

So, to wrap-up, I had a USPS package stolen. USPS didn't care. Zu did. They replaced everything I "lost" then threw in a T-shirt for good measure. And this is just one of many examples where Zu has stepped up to make (and keep) me a very happy customer. What more can I say? I love Zu Audio, but it's because they EARN every stinkin' drop of admiration and adoration from their customers that they can. The fact they sound awesome doesn't hurt either... I couldn't recommend them more!
Great that you posted this and kudos to ZU. Though not exactly along the same lines, I had a component out of warranty and the good folks at Pass Labs repaired it gratis and paid return shipping to boot. I can also say that all of the guys at Atma-sphere have routinely met me more than half way in the course of my decade plus relationship with them. I guess I've just been lucky so far, considering all of the horror stories I've read here.
Thanks for the story. I have had a similarly admirable experience(s) with Sean and the Zu guys. They are top notch and have earned my loyalty and respect. If their products were only average or mediocre their customer service would be laudable, but their products are absolutely at the top of the audio chain at their respective price points!!! Ralph at Atma-Shere is also very fair and his products are a good value and sound great.
Best take away on this story is never, ever use USPS parcel delivery, even if insured. For if you do so, you will never, ever get a refund, not to mention the days and hours they will put you through. Stay with UPS, not Fedex. Fedex diverts many of its shipments to USPS for the last mile.
I've had better luck with FedEx. Never a problem. UPS (Unlimited Package Smashing) does just that.
I swear by FedEx!

I have had three total losses in the last five years. Each case was handled quickly, professionally and in my favor. The insured values plus shipping costs were refunded within seven days of filing a claim. Highly recommended.