AVRAK Rotating Gear Racks

I am working on a new room and am considering these rotating racks, for my source/front end components.

Does anyone have one of these racks?

Please share your experience.

Never saw these before. Pretty cool. I'm always atruggling to move components around in my cabinet since I don't have rear access. Having one of these units installed in the cabinet would sure make my life simpler all around.

I'm going to see if I can fit one inside with the components I have.

Thanks for the tip!
A good friend had these in his HT for a while, while the idea is sound, they don't work as well as I would have liked, cabling is a huge PITA on such a system, as you need to very tightly secure them, therefore gear changes mean cable problems.....

He went back to Middle Atlantic when he redid the HT.
I've never seen or heard of them. While I like the idea, and the pics look very nice, I see a few significant problems. Kennyt hit on the cabling issues. The pics of their cabling look great, but I can't imagine it coming out that perfect. I think heat is another issue - even if power amps aren't included in the rack. Finally - the cost - haven't seen the price list, but I can imagine what it looks like, and it wouldn't be worth the investment to me.

That said, I know we're all different in our wants/needs, as well as our rigs. So these may work great for others.