AVR5800 and Bose 901

I have inherited a pair of Bose 901's and was curious if they can be hooked to a AVR5800. Bose does not list Denon as a compatible receiver for the Bose system (active eq). I figured the 901's might make a good set of rear speakers in my surround set up....
Should be just fine if your Denon has pre outs for the rear channels.It's been a long time and am not 100% sure but I think you would run your pre outs to the bose eq. and then back in to the amp. The bose eq. would always be in the circut for your rear channels. There could be other ways to do it though.
Your AVR5800 should have "pre outs" for the front L/R channel. From that you go TO your Bose EQ and FROM your EQ back to the main preamp in. Then simply plug the speaker in to the main amp speaker outs and your done.

You'll then be sorry for the time wasted and plug your old speakers back in. Just a jab. I'm not a fan of 901's but it will all depend on what you like to listen to. Best wishes.
The bose eq. was made to work for the bose speakers only. Do not use it on other speakers. Use it only in the channels that you use the bose speakers in. It is not an EQ. in the true nature of a graphic eq. Do not use the pre outs for the front L+R as it will then effect those channels sound. If you are going to use the bose in the rear channels then use the rear channel pre outs only.
Thanks everyone for your great advice. I agree that the 901's are completely overated ,but if I am not mistaken they should make good rears..Does this make sense??
You won't know till you try. Might be great for rears.