AVR300 with Dynaudio Contour 2.5s

I am looking at purchasing a pair of Dynaudio 2.5s as the center piece of a surround sound theatre system with probaly a 2.1 center and then some in-walls. In doing so I need a new receiver since these guys from what I have read really need the power that my old system can't muster. After doing much research and seeing great reviews I have narrowed my search I think to the Adcam AVR300.

Can anyone provide any input to this choice. Love the sound of the Dynas (big into jazz and just quality music but also want surround sound) Needless to say want a system that can really bring them home to the ears and not break the bank

Any input appreciated as well as other options without going seperates

thanks all
Bluedog- I quite frankly love the Dynaudio and Arcam product lines as well. In my main showroom I have the Contour 5.4s, SCX, SRs, and 500 sub which I power with a Halo A51/C2 combo. I think the AVR300 is a fantastic receiver and even better value. I can tell you we initially hooked up the AVR300 in one of our showrooms to try the Contour series and while the sound was acceptable it simply did not have the "gusto" to drive these rather power hungry speakers. The 300 will work but to really appreciate the Dyn sound I would make a few different recommendations or at least provide a suitable upgrade path. Sounds like you are on your way to a really nice system.

Please feel free to email with any questions.


Tyler T. Mueller