AVR vs. reasonable seperates

Hello to all. My question is this. I would like to replace my approx. 15 year old Yamaha AVR in the living room. It is a 5.1 system and will need to remain that way. I have looked into the Anthem 520, around $1500. It does not stream music, so I would need to add that. I do like the ARC system. I have a Marantz in the bedroom at around $900. It can handle my Spotify which is built in and uses its own room correction. Is that a good fit for what I need in the living room 5.1. So the question is, Are seperates such as the Outlaw processor and 5000 amp something to consider at $1000? Still would need a Sonos or equivalent. Marantz AVR or Yamaha AVR and call it done? Not sure if there are other seperates in the $1500 range as possible contenders. Used from the good people at Audiogon is also a choice. Appreciate the input.Thankx, Arthur

Look into the new ATI amplifiers. They can be configured for 2 or more channels depending on your needs.
What about a modern Yammy Aventage HT receiver?


Also look at Spearit Sound to see what they have in the NAD range.


No comparison. A Dedicated Pre-amplifier and Amp will always outclass AVR Pre-amps.  You are better of buying a Tube pre-amp with a HTbypass.