AVR Took A Dirt Nap - Looking To Upgrade

Yesterday during a new tv install I discovered the Denon AVR would not power up. It was time for replacing, so moving on. 

I have a 5.1 set-up (center channel, Hales Design T-5 towers with a sensitivity rating around 88 or 89 db, two 15" subwoofers and two surrounds). I'm looking for all the latest software, like Dolby ATMOS etc. and an increase in watt/channel to more effectively drive my Hales Design, which are not that efficient. I'm thinking a minimum of 110W per channel. It will be used to watch movies and play music, so musicality is very important. My budget is $4 - 6K.

Initially I'm looking at Anthem, Arcam and Rotel, but I'm wide open to make & model suggestions in the above price range. It should be noted I don't want to go down the separates path.

Thank you in advance.


AV Processor has no amps so you'll need to buy a separate amplifier(s). These are separates and you stated that you did not want to go that route. An AVR (AV Receiver) is an all-in-one solution so it will have amps built in. 

Not familiar with the Anthem AVR lineup, but the MRX 740 should be sufficient for your needs if you want to go with Anthem. If you want to experience Atmos, you'll need to purchase some height channels.

The MRX 1140 gives you more height channel (6 in 1140 vs. 2 in 740) and is more in line with the cost you listed ($4200 for 1140 vs. $3100 for 740).

Anthem appears to have recently "updated" their AVM / MRX lineup to include 8K processing so make sure read the specs to be sure you're getting an 8K unit and not the "older" 4K unit.

You're right I need the MRX 1140. It has channels 1-5, two driven into 8 Ohms at 140W, which should drive the Hales nicely. 

Thank you all for your suggestions!


I'm starting to consider separates as an option. I know that's a more expensive option, but I think it will improve the resolution of the Hales and add more separation with the surrounds.

Any recommendations on separates in the $5-6K range? Processor must be modern and have all the latest decoding options, Spotify etc., etc.