Avr set up question

Im sure this has been addressed, but I cant seem to find quite the answer to my question: Should i feed my Oppo 981 thru my receiver (HK 254 ) using hdmi or send it directly to my Tv (50 in plasma) My Tv is 720p, and that is what I have the output resolution set to on the oppo. My concern is if I send it to the AVr it will be upconverted to 1080, forcing the processor in the TV to down convert back to 720. I'd like as little signal processing as possible. How do you folks hook it up? Thanks.
If you are not doing HD audio , run the cable directly to your TV . HD audio is really the only reason for running a HDMI signal through your AVR from a DVD player . Well that and the ease of using less cables .

Good luck .
Agree, if you dont need HD audio or extreme convenience than a direct signal into monitor is best route.
thanks fellas
thanks fellas. So I would just have to run a digital audio out of the dvd into the avr for my surround?
Yes, run a digital output to your AVR for processing surround sound.