avr receiver help

i am setting up a home theater system and was wondering what brand avr receiver do you think would sound best with infinity mts preylude speakers and center channel, i am planning on buying something in the $1000 to $1500 price range, but want to get something that will complement my infinitys and will also sound great for two channel music, so preylude owners have you tried different brands of receivers and what one do you prefer.
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If it were me, I'd consider H/K.
I second that first recommendation.

Consider Harman/Kardon. You can get a Harman/Kardon AVR-3350 for around $1,000.00 from B&H Photo.

Otherwise, I would look at their AVR-354 model.

Good Luck....

Third the Harmon Kardon.
I am extremely happy with my Onkyo receivers. I bought an 805 for my main room and was so happy I bought a 605 for a small room. I use the 805 for processing only, but have tried it as a stand-alone and it is a great sounding receiver. Good luck!
The MTS - which I've owned (and loved for HT/music dubties, BTW)- have a little bit of a foreward presentation, are very clear, uncolored sounding, lots of detail, and very good dynamics. They are still about 6ohm load across, dipping even further. You do have the advantage of some EQ on the subs (do you have the sub modules?), which will help greatly, yes. You may or may not need any other EQ, depending on your room, setup, and acoustics.
If you can get very good smooth results with your speakers alone, in your space, you have options, as far as receivers go. Those speakers deserve the best electronics possible, as long as it complements the speakers (i.e, tonality, current delivery, etc).
All that said, do you need/want the latest codec's, HD, HDMI switching, EQ, etc? If not, used market has Arcam receivers, older Denon flagship's, Integra's are descent, and maybe a B&K, or even a NAD or Outlaw piece, potentially - which should all tonally compliment your MTs', by adding a more relaxed, warmth to the sound, still give good current delivery, etc.
HK's are good for their money, no doubt. Modified, they're even better I've heard. Still, if I went with something like the AVR354, I'd, yes, have em tweaked, and add an outboard amp likely for more "umph". But, they're strong current pieces, so maybe it would be just fine for ya. Dunno.
I would consider separates first, and more costly pieces with your speakers, ideally. Your speakers do potentially want the best you can give em, as I said.
Would I personally stay with a receiver with those speakers? Um, no. But then I know what good separates can do. I'd be looking at the more expensive pieces at a bargain price, with the sound quality and bells-whistles I need. But, the speakers are the most important part of the chain, sonically. So, you might just get some superb sound if you chose right on the AV receiver front.
in that price range I would recommend the Denon 3808ci that I have. It's excellent, great sound, lots of options, much easier than the previous generation user interface.
i have the infinity ren 90's set up for two channel listening in a different room, but i also wanted to listen to the mts preludes in two channel from time to time and i was also thinking that they would sound better with a more relaxed,warmth sounding av receiver but i don't know much about each receivers sound qualitys
i was thinking to go seperates but do not want to go overboard as i did with the ren 90's system, i really just want to get a good recever that will complement the preludes. all your help is greatly appreciated.
i forgot to mention that i do have the subs that go with the mts towers and i probably don't need all the latest codec's.
"i was also thinking that they would sound better with a more relaxed,warmth sounding av receiver but i don't know much about each receivers sound qualitys..."

Harmon Kardon AVR354 will fit that description, sonically, for new. Plus you'll have the newest codec's (don't know why you'd settle for inferior resolution, otherwise). Used, most any Denon - the better ones obviously more expensive on used market. So shop around. Also, yes, the Arcam used is superb sounding, but no new codes, HDMI, and no EQ (I think).

"i was thinking to go seperates but do not want to go overboard".

You do have $8k speakers, why would you have $8k speakers and drive em with cheaper electronics?
Overboard? You can easily put together a budget separates system for maximum sound in that budget. You could do a moded HK AVR354, and have money left over for a good outboard amp from Rotel,Parasound,Adcom, etc, that will improve sound, no doubt!
good luck
The Onkyo 805 was $599 yesterday at Amazon. That's a seriously good deal. The 805 is a powerhouse and has great features and connectivity.
Arcam AVR 350
a few listed here on audiogon

no hdmi, but the analog outs sound clearly superior
in response to the last two posts, i saw those adds but i got to make up my mind on what brand receiver is going to work best with my infinity speakers, i do not know about the new onkyos but my brother has about a five year old onkyo 500 something in the mid price range running infinity overture 3's and he told me that it does not pick up fm signals all that well, is that a problem with the newer onkyos.
I don't even use the radio in my Onkyo. I use a Squeezebox to fill my radio needs.
the only reason that i asked about the fm section on the onkyo is because i listen to fm alot, on my other system with seperates i'm using a sony st-s730es tuner and it is amazing it comes in crystal clear and there is no need for an hd tuner or a squeezbox.
It's not that I use a Squeezebox out of necessity. I live in a metropolitan area and pick up tons of FM staions. I just prefer Internet radio since its offers so much more than FM. In any event, it would surprise me if the Onkyo's - or most modern receivers for that matter - wouldn't fulfill your FM needs since you appear to be in an area with a good signal.
At $1500 you should be comparing the receivers processors, room correction, transformer capacity or class D operation. Even a high quality FM tuner needs a good antenna in a good location to sound good. While modern receivers are terrific for HT processing they're still lacking when compared to the finesse of even a modest dedicated analog two channel systems ability to soundstage IMO.

Since my experience with room correcting receivers IMO it's more important to get the HT to sound its best. I would give up on the H/K and the Arcam for their dated connectivity and the lack of room correction. I find the drama of music videos and film as important as quality two channel playback. Incorporating HT and two channel can depend on the quality of your existing two channel setup.

Personally I have failed at any attempt at putting a display between my main two channel speakers and still maintain the degree of soundstage I worked so hard to attain. Consequently, I installed my HT in an small and irregular separate space and let the room correction do its job. The fidelity from classical multichannel SACD's has been the biggest surprise through the HT.
" i saw those adds but i got to make up my mind on what brand receiver is going to work best with my infinity speakers"

Well just consider that you may indeed make up your mind on what reiver to chose. However, to be truthful, you will not know what receiver is going to work best until you try a few! That is THE ONLY WAY to tweak your audio system! You can read all the reviews, and take all the advice off this forum you like. But until you get different pieces in your system to try, you'll just always be guessing.
Wish is was different for you (as with us all). But that's not the way it works. So just keep that in mind, while you try to solve your delimma over these discussions.
There's no free lunch when it comes to perfecting audio systems. And that's years of experience talking.
Anything else is a compromise and a crap shoot, to be true.
i placed my speakers about 2 ft out in front of the ht or closer towards the listening position, the speakers look like an eye soar as they stick out further into the room but it is worth the improvement in the soundstage, i also moved the center channel speaker 2 ft out in front of the ht and what an improvement, the speakers are just about 6 ft from the back wall i tried many different positions and they seem to sound their best in those positions, maybe i should be looking for something with better processers like you said and down the road add some decent amplifiers.
Evolving your two channel over the long haul sounds like the smart way to go. You might think about another amplifier and a two channel pre with pass through. These don't need to cost a great deal to achieve that delicate two channel sound. If your speakers have the powered subs you might think about tubes.

You'll find people with more receiver experiences over at the AV forum.
so far i tried a pioneer, h/k and a onkyo in two channel and i think the h/k sounds best so far with the preludes, the reason for my original post was to get an idea of what brands of receivers other prelude owners thought sounded the best with this speaker so that i would have a starting point of wich receivers to listen to, but you are right i'm going to have to go try a few more of them before i find the one that i like, the two channel pre with pass through sounds like a good idea, thanks for all the info.
"so far i tried a pioneer, h/k and a onkyo in two channel and i think the h/k sounds best so far with the preludes (Stereophile Class A???)." (Okeeteekid)

I agree with you that the HK likely is the better sonic match for your P'ludes. Also, you can get it moded a bit,if you want to get tricky. That is an option.
Still, I'd be using outboard amplification, by finding something on the used market that fits your budget. And, if you look hard, you can find some real Gems down in the low $400 range for a 5 channel amp! You would likely get stellar results with your speakers with any of the Parasound 5 channel/6 channel amps, maybe an Adcom, ATI (might be a little crispy on top, but depends),Outlaw amp?, and others. Anyway, good luck