AVR/ Pre Amp Amp

I am looking at 5 different models for a receiver and need some opinions. I think I am going to run Tannoy SC8s and do 90 percent HT and a little music.

I am looking at: Pioneer Elite 45TX, Integra Research 8.3, Denon 4802, preowned B&K AVR 202, or an ADCOM GTP 830 and an ADCOM 5 channel amp.

I dont care wether it is 5.1 or 7.1 but it must have at least DTS. I would also like to run a multi room setup. Help would be appreciated.

Check out the Rotel receivers, I just bought the RSX1055, MSRP $1300 and have been very pleased. DTS-ES, Dolby Digital EX, Pro Logic 2, HDCD, 5 amplified channels, but it has 7.1 processing if you really want the extra channels, and a good tuner. Their separates are also worth a good look, at 2,500 for the preamp and 120 watt amp I feel you get a lot for the money. I don't know the Tannoy specs but I'll bet the Rotels will drive them just fine. Zone 2 operation on all models also.
I previously owned the AVR 202 and I have been hard pressed to find a good replacement for it. You can find the AVR 202 used in excellent shape for anywhere from $800-$1200.

It's built like a tank and sounds like a dream. B&K also released an AVR 202i (very hard to find) that I believe has DPL II, and probably a few other upgrades.

It would be interesting to hear from people who were able to A/B the B&K vs the Rotel or the Arcam receivers. Both of them have reputations for being excellent values.