AVR, AMP and Processor.....

My sons new home has cabling and speakers for whole house music. I also gave him my Vandersteen 2CE SIGS for his man cave. Looking for a simple solution to tie in whole house, Vandy’s, and at least 5.1 where Vandys are fronts. He will want Sonos type of convenience. At my house, I have a Yamaha with Musiccast tied to my in walls and this suffices for music house wide. I don’t do home theater. Anyone have a system that can be controlled from an app and do HT? Thank you in advance. Budget is $1K and used is fine. 
The only "apps' I know of to control audio is for streamers.  You can have internet radio, streaming services and all of your own music that is digitized to files. 
Fuzz tone, thank you for your response. I am aware that the apps control the streaming portion of the receiver. What I was asking, albeit somewhat poorly, is for recommendations for either receivers or separates that do BOTH music 2 channel and HT well, and have an app similar to Yamaha music cast that allows turning unit on and off as well as controlling volume and streaming source from elsewhere in house. His home doesn’t have the IR receivers throughout to control the unit so a WiFi based app is critical. 
+1 for the Anthem

  I used it for a few months when I got the first 520 for my living room system and it worked well.  However I added a second 520 for my basement system and the app doesn't distinguish well between the 2, even though you can designate different AVRs in the app, so I have stopped using it.  Presumably that wouldn't be an issue if he only has 1 unit.  I don't really do the Home House thing much anymore anyway.