AVP-S How good on 2 chanel and movies?

I am purchasing an AVP-S (should arrive in a couple of days) and replacing my current preamp which was a psaudio pca2. I liked the way the pca2 sounded and I used it with nautilus 804's. Also are there certain things that can be done to make the AVP-S a better two channel device (i.e. its sensitive to power cords etc). The reason for the switch is to goto combine movies and 2 channel in a 20X20 foot room. Thanks.
NOt really shure what you are asking. Trying to play a movie in 2 ch will not work well at all since the center normally does 80% of the sound in dolby digital or dts. You really need 5.1 channels to use that decoding.

If you are using tow the best you can do is mono since I am not sure how you would be able to decode the center channel and split it between the tow speakers. What you really need is a souround sound processor and a pre amp wiht a HT bypass or paridity setting. Hope this helps.
The AVP-S is good for movies and fairly good for music. It doesn't draw out subtle sounds to the final degree. But it has a rich, refined sound. The AVP2 is definitely a step up for music. Better defined bass, better separation and space between the instruments. I'd say the AVP-S is better than most $800 2 channel preamps. To beat the AVP2 you'd have to go up to $1500. I heard them both against a Theta CasaNova with the Nova winning fairly handily. But with the prices they're going at these days, you're definitely getting more than your money's worth for a surround sound\music processor. It should cleanly beat your PCA2 :-).
Thanks. I intend on adding addtional speakers and what I was really asking more or less is would it be better than my pca2. Is the proceed sensitive to power cords and if so which ones seem to work best with it?
Yes, I did notice an improvement in sound over the stock power cord when I switched it out. I used a Kimber PK14. It runs around $150. There was a noticeable improvement in the bass. And the overrall sound just seemed to have more oomph. I've never heard the PK14 Gold, but it's supposed to be even a greater stepup in performance. That's about the most I'm willing to spend on a power cord however. I would even take the PK over Kimber's Palladian series some people rave about for $1040. The PK14 improves the sound without detracting or overcompensating in some areas as other more expensive cords I've heard do.
Friz 1313 just to let you know I was able to pick up a PMDT to use a transport. By far you were right, the AVP smokes my old ps audio pca2. Also are you very familiar with the AVP and PMDT because I had some technical quesitons. Well heres my question just in case someone sees this and can answer it. I'm trying to link the PMDT and AVP through there RJ45 communications ports. I'm using telephone cords (have tried 2 different ones) and can't get them to communicate with each other. Both appear to have all of they're settings set properly but will not respond to each other (i.e. turn on/off etc). Any help would be appreciated.

I use a Proceed PAV/PDSD for stereo, DVDs, and HDTV, and I'm very pleased with the imaging and soundstage achieved in all three modes. I'm not sure how the PAV/PDSD combination compares to the simpler single chassis AVP, but IIRC there was a large cost difference.

The PAV/PDSD combination communicate via something that looks like a very heavy duty phone cable. I'm not sure how special that cable is as I've never tried to substitute another cable. I have found the folks at Madrigal quite responsive even in these days of HK ownership, so I'd recommend you start with an email to them.

In the old days, I dropped my Proceed Amp 3 taking it out of the rack-- I'd forgotten just how heavy it is with those 3 tyroidal power transformers. I sent it off to Madrigal for repair, telling them I dropped it. Madrigal repaired the amp and shipped it back with no charge! I've read very good things about the PMDT.

Jeanene, great to hear you are happy with your purchase! That's a pretty big step-up also getting the PMDT :-). I found a PMDT manual, and there are several possibilites why you can't get them to talk together: 1st, I thought that when you bought a PMDT, Proceed was supposed to provide a specific RJ-45 cable to connect it to an AVP or AVP2. I'm not sure, but I don't think any old telephone cord will do.

2nd, make sure the PMDT input name on the AVP is PMDT.
3rd, your AVP has to have version 3.0 or later. When you go into your AVP settings you can find this. Or, in the about box the date has to be 10/22/99 or later. If it isn't, you'll need to get a firmware update to get them to talk to one another.
4th, your AVP needs to have the PHAST daughtercard installed.

I'm not sure if you have a Madrigal dealer in your area familiar that could help with the AVP or not. I contacted Harmon when I was having problems a couple years ago, and they got it straightened out pretty quickly. Other people have complained of going months without any resolution.
Good luck and let us know how it turns out.