AVP 2 fuse location and upgrade

Looking for my fuses Are they under the stacked circuit boards? Any input on fuse upgrades Thanks
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If they are (and can't see them) then most likely the fuses are soldered. Check the manual -- if it makes no mention of fuse rating or if it states no user serviceable parts inside then you probably cannot use after market fuses.
Nothing in the manual Ill contact support thanks

You can call Audio Consultants in Evanston, IL - Phone: (847) 864-9565;
They were a Proceed authorized dealer and have technicians that are familiar with this unit. Replaced the digital display in the AVP2+6 I had. They are wonderful folks who I am sure can help.

Good Luck,
Great info for the future in the event of repair  I spoke with Proceed support and they told me where to look they are also very helpful . My biggest question is a fuse upgrade worth the trouble. Thanks