Avoid UPS Shipping To/From Canada

Just received a UPS Customhouse Brokerages bill for $19 US for a package that originated in Canada. It's UPS's charge for collecting NO duty and NO tariff on some US manufactured cables. The "entry prep fee" as they call it is a 150% addition to their posted freight. Nice markup for an conveyor automated bar code read and a first class stamp (for the bill).

So now besides their notorious reputation for mishandling electronics and not paying damage claims, you have another reason to NOT USE THEM.

In researching the archives, I see there has been some mention of their rip off brokerage fees before. I think it bears reposting for the unsuspecting. It certainly unpleasantly surprised me having paid nothing extra in the past using Canada's postal system. I'm sure there are other reputable shipping alternatives that other members can recommend.
I also got charged extra by UPS for a shipment from Canada. It is no accident. I will only use US Mail and Candian Mail for cross border shipments. Fedex or US Mail within the US.
I am in Canada and UPS charges us $33.00 brokerage fees to come from the US. Use the postal system everyone. they won't insure against damage but they don't use your packages for footballs like UPS.
I agree that UPS is not an option.
The first thing is that their charges are way too high
the other issue is poor customer service level.

US mail works best of all.
I also had bad experience with ups ( I bought a 10$ US thing and they charged me 15$ CAD !!! they said that was 10$ for the handsling and 5$ for the taxes, I know UPS have a special custom just for them and they charge alot of money when they can.