Avoid Smallgreen computer

I would advise against buying anything from Andrew and smallgreencomputer.com. It used to be a fairly high caliber provider of servers, and I have bought over a dozen of his servers over the years.  Recently, the customer service has slipped and he does not respond to any service requests.  I would look elsewhere unless you want to eventually have an expensive boat anchor. 
I second the motion to cease. No one at that company was interested in getting their product to play anything but Roon
 If that is all you want, there is better, cheaper elsewhere.
Per my experience, I must disagree regarding response speed from Andrew/Small Green Computer.  My most recent email question to him was on October 23rd this year.  He responded within a few minutes.  In looking at my various emails to him over time, he typically has responded same day or next day, with longest being 3 days.  

I recently had an issue with emails not sending (did not involve Small Green Computer), but I was receiving email.   I ended up restarting my computer and the issue resolved.   Is it possible something may have disrupted your emails?  I too have had response issues from some companies, so I can understand the frustration, but as I have indicated, that has not been my experience, including recently, with Andrew/Small Green Computer.