AVM20 Power Chord

Some of you who have read the instuction manual know that it states not to use a power chord other than the one that comes with unit. Has anyone deviated from this and tried other high end power chords with any success? If so which ones please? But what I really want to know is has any one done this and had anything bad happen?
I have tried several differnt powercords. Best luck with a good improvement for me anyways is. MIT II. These can be had on Audiogon from $70-100 used. Of course YMMV. There is no danger using different power cords. I have used different power cords for 3 years now.
Ok, I think some manufactures just say that so they won't tie the need for a cord purchase to their product. Meaning, you'll get good performance with what they include. Just like amp mfg's don't recommend that a power conditioner be used with their amp.--- My latest amp, the Aries g benefits greatly with a quality, non power-limiting conditioner.--Another one is :"These" are the tubes for our amps.
Im sure your right. Its just that with all the this chip and that chip, and all the other software in these things anymore; I wanted to be sure. Most of my home theatre eq. up to now have been recievers. But now that I finially got my AVM20 I just wanted your experience. Thanks. Your right to about the; only use are tubes thing. Thats also in the manual for my CJ. amp. That MIT chord sounds good. I was thinking about the new VH audio AIRSINE PC, Flavor4, or maybe the WIREWORLD SILVER ELECTRA, if I can find one. Anyway, Happy Listening