AVM PA 3.2 pre amplifier

As some of you are aware there have been a number of ads for AVM products including the AVM 3.2 preamp. I took the “chance “..so to speak of.. ordering one.. Selling my previous pre.
I was getting rid of pre wanting to downsize to go to receiver only.......But saw AVM ad....and over time changed my mind.
I was looking for HT bypass and tone controls(shudder but with some of music I/We have it needs it ..,plus I like the option can bypass or not..) and a sub out. ( i like bass!)
I do not profess to be a hi end audiophile and not a purist BUT In do know what I like (Bryston 4bsst2 Simaudio 3.3 CD – Paradigm Studio 100 v.5)..but missing was a pre not only in the budget range I had but would give me the sound I was looking for. ..
I was reluctantat first to say the least . What buying a German preamp from a US retailer?
But I was interested so I figured why not call USA Tube Audio who btw,,, eventually sold me unit. Their staff and product.. in a word Awsum!!
Paul at USA tube took time to discuss product with me and assured me I would enjoy it They went so far as to send me a video as to how HT bypass works!.
I decided to buy it . It was shipped double boxed not a flaw …………the unit well protected. The unit is aluminum …….with aluminum remote! And AVM includes a pair of white gloves (nice touch) PLUS sampler CD !!………”Problem” with CD is it sounded better than some of CD’s I have that are allegedly remastered.
Set up was a easy.. I had an inquiry re set upon and USA tube was an email away with a reply.
As far as unit goes I profess I have not had a lot of experience with pre amps but have had Bel Canto and Wyred…….both of which I found to be good, BUT after hearing 3.2..
To me what a difference in sound.! In a word “warmer” more subtle…not “clinical “ sounding ….bass (w/o sub!) more defined…left you wanting to listen more.. . Purchased the optional DAC again did not disappoint..3 inputs coaxial/digital/usb..
In conclusion. very happy with unit.. and the service from USA tube……
I would recommend both !