their products look very interesting I see their presence in a number of audio shows I have yet to hear/see any of them... Does anyone have any experence with any of their equipment
Well I guess this is such a new product that no one has any experence with any of the units
Yes, they were at Rocky mountain audio fest and recent audio shows. I was busy with headphones, and couldn't go to their place. :\
I have found a number of reviews on some of their products
much of it is modular with the ability to add to the pre"s and cd players as you go along...
I just became a dealer for AVM AUDIO and brought in their tube pre PA5.2 and their mono blocks MA3.2 I HAVE NOT HEARD ANY OF THEIR CD PLAYERS but... based on the outstanding quality of their pre-amps and amps then I would put them on my short list.
PrimeOne media
Calvinj...If your after a warm sounding CD player find a brand that uses Wolfson DAC's. The British are very fond of Wolfson since they have a warm, detailed relaxed character that is very analog sounding. If you win the Powerball, then buy the best sounding CD/SACD player's on the market. The top models from Accuphase. Warm, rich, very smooth analog sound. Once you step up to Accuphase you will be melting your vinyl records to make dinosaur toys.
Just received the AVM 3.2 CD player. Initial impressions relative to an Ayon CD 1s in the same system --- those attributes that are essentially equally good are imaging, fullness/body/heft/palpable presence, PRAT and clarity. The AVM is slightly quieter in terms of background noise, is noticeably more dynamic than the Ayon and is also more bass prominent (depending upon what one listens to that can be good or bad). The Ayon is warmer (but not really that warm itself). The AVM is not warm at all --- actually, it is rather bright on some of the poorer recordings (whereas the Ayon smooths out some of that brightness on the poorer recordings).

We will see with time how the sound changes with burn in --- but as of now the 3.2 CD player is different from and fairly comparable to but slightly lesser than the Ayon CD1s --- if the edginess smooths over time (which is possible) then perhaps it will be just different. So... perhaps that helps.
@robsker. I was at one time happy with the ayon cd2s. It went really bad the longer I had it. It got thin and bright. Then the seller a popular tube audio company gave me terrible service. I will never buy the brand again. I bought the parsound cd1. I have never been happier. I won't buy any of the brands they sell. I hope avm sounds better.
Robsker, that's some interesting initial impressions. I would like to know more once it reaches more hours.
The AVM got better to be sure. That said, I guess I do not like the more "analytical" sound it offers and hedge more towards warmer, rounder, richer sound. I am moving elsewhere as far as CD player goes. That said, the AVM may be outstanding to someone elses ear in a different system. For me it was too detailed, too revealing (attributes some love). So... I am sure it is an excellent CD player... just not for me. To amplify this and use a related example, I have a friend who simply loves Wilson speakers --- to me they are generally too bright. I don't like them at all yet I would never say that Wilson speakers are poor speakers --- they are excellent speakers... if you like that sound. Pretty much the same with the AVM CD player --- I am certain many would love it in their system.

For Calvinj --- I have worked with the same company as well and they have been fair, reasonable and actually quite accommodating --- yes, slow... very slow with service --- but they have, at least for me, been really good to work with. I have found them quite fair.
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@mike I guess you you work for them or are friends with them I understand. Lol. I guess when you call them when something goes wrong and the guy tells you are wrong and blows you off and you just spent 4 grand with them you are not being nice so you are right it's my fault. I guess I wasn't nice enough. I should have paid more and said thank you for blowing me off. Well I see your line of thought. It's the customer who is always wrong. Doesn't surprise me. There is a lot of this in this hobby. Lol.
Funny part about this is I never said where I bought it from and you guessed right. Hmmmm interesting. Lol.
It's ok I understand you think they are great there. That's fine I'm just sharing my experience with them. It is what it is.
I won't say anything else on this matter the last time. I don't want to get this thread shut down so we will move on!!! Enjoy avm enjoy ayon.