AVM 50

I purchased an AVM 50 on here about a year ago and finally got the rest of the system pieced together and got it all hooked up this weekend. I have a dish network cable box hooked to the AVM 50 via HDMI. The AVM 50 auto defaults to 5.1 Dolby, but I'm only running 2 ch stereo. Is there a way to get it to switch to 2 ch stereo instead 5.1? I've been messing with it but can't figure it out. I called Anthem tech support, but when I told them it was used equipment, they pretty much gave me the bird.

You should be able to run cables from a stereo analogue output on the satellite receiver to your Anthem.
Have you switched the dish network box to stereo output?

Go to speaker set up in the AVM 50's menu. Set front to large, and everything else to none, unless you have a sub, then leave sub on.
Under source set up change the default to two channel for that source. Each is programable.