AVIS Record Cleaning solutions

Now that Paul no longer produces AVIS I am curious what former users who, like me, thought it was great cleaner, are turning to as an alternative. I am almost out and found, in particular that the part 1 enzymatic cleaner was great in restoring filthy records from the 50's (which were fundamentally in good shape) to excellent playability. The part 2 alcohol cleaner is, I think, not unlike other alcohol based cleaners out there. I also use RRL Super Vinyl Wash as a final rinse but have never found it or the deep cleaner to be as good at the initial cleaning
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Sorry, I meant AIVS - Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solution (with apologies to the auto rental company)
Last I read you should just wait a little longer. Paul posted that AIVS is coming back.

On the other hand, Bugtussle and RRL.