Avid Volvere vs Linn LP12 all Naimed

I currently have a Linn LP12 circus with Naim Aro tonearm
Armageddon power supply and Prefix S low ouput MC phono stage. Have heard the Volvere is an LP12 "on steroids". Would like to hear from people who have switched to Volvere or any other Avid table from the LP12 and what their feedback is. Avid now has a special mount for Naim Aro if I were to switch tables and wanted to keep the arm. Anyone out there done this and what are the results? Thanks in advance for any feedback you may have.
If you check on the Naim pinkfish forum, many all Naim people love the DPS turntable or the Raven One. The DPS is probably the more lively and direct of the two and you could get it drilled for the Aro tonearm.

A friend of mine with an all Naim system loves his DPS as well.