Avid Volvere/SME 309 vs Linn/Lingo/Ittok LV-2

I have been a Linn owner for years. I have recently toyed with getting a new table because the final Linn upgrade to Ekos/Akiva would cost approx 5K. For that much I might as well get a new table. Someone suggested the Avid. Anyone with experience please chime in. Thanks.
I had a lp12 for 16 years with a final ekos/lingo/circus combo. I loved the LINN. Listened to many decks over the years but when I heard the AVID I purchased a volvere/309 (1 year ago ). It is a much better TT in every regard including doing my own set-up. Everything is well thought out and engineered. Best of both worlds , suspended (depth) and non suspended (frequency response, timing. I would give the AVID a serious look.
Hey Rello

The times they are a changin...they've probably changed or you wouldn't be asking. The Linn is a great turntable and still a Stereophile class A., but it has a particular signature.

Listen to something new and most important different. Maybe, there's something else that will get you closer to the music and put the band into your room. I'm talking about a component that goes past the regular hype and is truely magical. I'm talking magical here...

I would recommend that you talk to Jeffrey Catalano of High Water Sound and look into the TW-Acoustic Raven One table. It may be in your price range, if not, he'll probably convince you why you should spend the little bit extra to get it. I did.
I absolutely agree with Rello.