Avid hifi phono stages

Has anyone had any REAL (not hearsay) experience with any of the Avid phono stages ?
These are basically starting with the the Pellar all the way up to the very expensive Pulsare 2.
Is Pulsare 2 as good as for example Pass Labs XP 15 (and up) ?

For what it's worth, I had the Pellar and thought it was excellent.  A very clear, dynamic sound with excellent soundstaging.  I may go back to it at some point.  I used it with a Grado Sonata 2 high output, and the combination was fantastic.  Hope that helps!

I’ve had a Pulsus as a back up phono. Can’t ever seem to let go of it. I think Avid phono stages are better than their turntables! Phenomenal sounding and value. Need a few 100 hours before they settle in. 
I had an Avid Pulsare I which was rebuilt by Avid to a Mk. II.
A great phono for the price, IMO, though it was bettered both in soundstaging and dynamics by my Manley Steelhead.