Avid Diva sonic signature - is it a "bright" table

Hi analog experts:

I am trying at home an Avid Diva table (great quality, finish and POO) thanks to the very kind service of the local dealer, and thinking of buying it (please check my system).

I am using a borrowed Clearaudio Aurum-Beta cart (MM) and have found great sonic atributes with this analog front end(coherence, timing, resolution, transparency)... but, I have found that this combo leans toward a light and/or alive presentation, quite forward and lacking some midbass response.

Could this be a Clearaudio continution to the chain? (I have heard that Clearaudio is a quite "alive" cartridge)?

Should I try a platter mat?

I am not a vinyl expert, but enjoy listening to music a lot, please advice...

Clearaudio that you own is little bit on bright side. I use Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood and it is great. The same table. I onwed P3 P5 P25 and bunch of VPI tables but this one is the best. Is your cartridge new?
no,it is heavely used.

I am tryingnow a Grado Reference Platinum and soundsa bit warmer.
It depends what you are looking for. I found Avid Diva, RB300 and Virtuoso Wodd to stisfy my needs. Very dynamic sound that is waht I was looking for. Great bass and treble extension.
If you are looking for lush sound you probably need to change your table.
Let me kno what did you decide.
For me Diva is a keeper.
Thanks Darius.
Try asking the same question on www.pinkfishmedia.net

There are several there with experience of Avid tables, and a broad range of cartridges. They will probably be able to advise you. Most guys there hate clinical, thin sounding music, so you should get some good recommendations.
I tried the Grado an the system now sounds very boring!

I came out with the conclusion that this is a dynamic and vivid table, so the Clearaudio option is the best bet for this one.