Avid Diva II SP or keep my Linn

Currently I own a 1986 Linn LP12 w/a Cirkus upgrade, Ittok tonearm, Lingo 3. The cart is a Dynavector 20xl2. However I have a chance to get a Avid Diva II SP w/a Clearaudio Clarify arm for $3300. I've always been impressed w/Avid. Would this be much of an upgrade? Any thoughts on the Clearaudio tone arm. If I sell my Linn I will transfer the Dynavector cart to the Avid.
Michell Gyro SE with a Rega tonearm is my favorite turntable set-up of all time. 
If the money is not that big a deal, I would box up the Linn and try the Avid.  I loved my Linn, but when I went to the Basis, I realized the Linn imparted sort of a boxy coloration to the sound - not unpleasant, but noticeable once you have a turntable without it.  The trick is to find a table that sounds neutral, but not cold like some do.  Honestly, I don't think anyone can tell you whether you will prefer one to the other, but I think you should take the opportunity to branch out from the Linn and form your own opinion.  You might end up being a Linnie for life, like so many others.  Or not. 
Thanks for the input. I have a friend that had a Avid Volvere and it was a fantastic TT. I've had my Linn for about 10 years but the cost of future upgrades economically are fairly prohibitive for me. The Linn has a nice sound but even w/the Cirkus upgrade the bottom is better but not quite there. Also wondering how good the Clearaudio Clarify arm is. 
The Ittok is a damn good arm, IMO.  If it's bottom you're looking for, I would consider experimenting with the shelves.  I have never seen a turntable more affected by what it sits on.  Mine was mounted on a wall shelf and we started with a plywood shelf I think.  We then changed to a Neuance shelf and the setup guy looked at me, as if to say - "Are you kidding?"  The whole bottom end opened up tremendously.  So fool around with that if you're so inclined. 
I have heard the Avid models. Avid Volvere and above are very good TTs. The Diva is nothing to write about.  The Diva actually sounded bright and somewhat digital like.
Instead a Rega RP6 and above are much much better. You get a serious TT from Rega with very good analog presentation.

My rack is fairly dense. would a lighter table help??
Did you hear the Diva or the Diva II SP which is twice the price?? Thanks for your input.
That is exactly what Linn says not to do.  Try building a mini-shelf on top of the rack.  Use a piece of Corian or whatever and put 3 or 4 cones under the shelf.  I guarantee you'll hear a big difference.  Better or worse?  That's up to you.  The Neuance was sort of a hollow piece of foam, sort of like a surfboard.  It was about 2" thick and very light and rigid.  But I also found that Corian worked well.  Even glass on the Naim Fraim, which is usually a no-no.  
Alternatively, add a Linn Tramp 2 to the table...this helps greatly with minimizing the effect on the table from what it is sitting on. Generally a nice uptick in SQ from this mod.
Did you add a Trampoline? If so what was the improvement?

I have a 1988 LP12. Ekos arm, Cirkus, Lingo 1, Trampoline 2, Lyra Kleos. Maintained it myself all these years with zero problems.

Took it to "Ovature Audio" in Ann Arbor MI. "Tom a longtime Linn setup guy" Drianed the oil, inspected the bearing, replaced with fresh oil, replaced the after market mat with a new felt mat, new Linn cable, new hinges,
said not to use the SOTA clamp any more and installed a new Lyra Kleos. Tuned it in the Linn manner.

Even though I never had a problem; when I got it home, it  "Played the Tune" like it hadn't in years. I put it on the original lightweight Target stand that I bought with it and footfall problems disappeared.

 I have a new Kuzma Stabi S with platter upgrade, power supply upgrade, 12" VTA arm , Dynavector XX2 mkII next to the LP12. Both ply at a high level with subtle differences but one does not outshine the other.

 I am contemplating the Kore and Radikal. Yes, they are spendy. Also considering a Technics GAE modded with a 12" Triplanar arm.

Thinking about my retirement TT but after a tuneup by a Linn master; I would Not give it up. Just keep it in the collection.

Best Wishes 
I added a Tramp 2 last year. It was a nice upgrade and certainly helped minimize the impact of the stand i was utilizing--- a VERY heavy Sound Anchor.
I would recommend the Tramp 2 to any LP12 owner.
My dealer also recommended by maybe installing a wall mount for the TT.
I loved the wall shelf for my Linn.  I had springy floors and the tt would go crazy if you looked at it the wrong way.  I knew a wall shelf would be better, buty I was amazed at the degree of isolation.  But if you're not having footfall problems, I don't know what the sonic benefit would be compared to some of the options listed above.  
Get a Tiger Paw Vulkan shelf- designed for the LP12 and the best one out there at an affordable price. LP12's really do well on a shelf imo.