Avid Acutus Record Clamp leaving marked "ring" on record label

I recently purchased an Avid Acutus SP and the record clamp is marking my record labels with a "ring" from the clamping down to flatten the record to the resin platter.  Are there any Acutus owners out there that have had this similar problem and how can it be fixed ?  I don't like that the labels are actually being damaged and leaving a ring because of the clamps force directly into the label.  Any help or feedback, or experiences would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks !!

I saw this so maybe it will help- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eszFbLtKx4

Also the use of some thin felt or similar between the clamp and the record label to reduce wear and scuffing.

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Thanks for the feedback.  I will try something in between the clamp and label. I have watched the video and I appreciate it.  It's hard to know if I'm "over tightening" because you do want the record flat to the resin platter.  I just know now when I use the clamp, it leaves a "ring" on all my labels and I'm not happy with that.