AVI ADM9.1 vs Quad 12L Active?

Has anybody had the chance to hear both of these active speakers? The retail price points aren't too far apart ($2300 for the AVI, $2000 for the Quads) but the real world price and used availability mean that the Quads are much less expensive. As I can't access any dealers in my area, I'd like to hear what you guys think of these speakers.
I wish I had seen this when you first posted.

I have owned the adm9 and the 12l Actives. Both are sensationally crazy good.

The 12l is more full bodied, really doesn't require a subwoofer while the AVI does in my opinion. The AVI sounds a little faster as a result and is probably a touch more transparent. Both are extremely dynamic but the AVI probably edges the Quads in this department too. The AVI can play so loud without distortion. Percussion at high SPL through this speaker starts to sound concert like. Both image like champs.

If I am choosing between the two it is probably going to come down to implementation. The AVI has the sensational Wolfson DAC built in. The analog preamplifer is does the package justice too. The whole set up is very elegant- I ran them with a turntable and a Apple TV.

The Quad on the other hand gives you more flexibility due to the fact it is a more traditional design. The Quads are easy to get, the AVI is very difficult to find used. The AVI in white is a spectacular looking speaker IMO.

Right now I run the Quads in a fully active 2.1 nearfield system using a KRK Ergo for room correction, preamplifier and a line level crossover that sends everything below 55hz to a Martin Logan Dynamo subwoofer. Mac Mini is the front end. I cant write a bad word about this system. I have spent so much more and not gotten half the results.

I was forced to sell my AVIs to get some quick cash and just couldn't wait for another pair to appear on audiogon so I picked up another pair of Quads. I can't say I miss the AVI because I am so happy with what I have now but at the end of the day if price is not an issue and you can get a subwoofer that works well with them they are probably the better speaker but it is close.

I would love to hear the 9.1s being fed by a Behringer deq2496 that is all dialed in with the AVI sub. I would think this would punch above its weight class but that AVI sub aint cheap and Ashley claims it is really the only unit that will work well with them. He has a reason to say that- but he is also a straight shooter.

Both are so good- you are so far ahead in the game if you choose an active design like these.