AVI ADM9.1 vs. Peachtree Nova + Joseph Audio RM7Si

I'd like to hear opinions (if you have them) on these two setups. I've heard the ADM9.1 and like them although perhaps a bit clinical (for want of a better term). I only know the Joseph and Peachtree by reputation but can put together a used package for roughly same price as ADM. Fire away!
I will probably be the only one speaking for the AVI but these are incredible speakers. Any chance you can borrow a pair for a week? I think your initial impression would subside if you had a few hours with them. Your comments are quite common and usually morph into praise after a dozen hours or so.

Turn them up loud with some well recorded percussion!
Just curious, where can you still find the RM7si and for how much? I thought they were replaced by the RM7XL?

Either way, those are great speakers.. I think they won Stereophile 2002. Great value/bang for buck. Very smooth/laid-back sound.... the "infinite slope" crossover really eliminates any possible harshness.