Avett Brothers Fans/ The Carpenter?

I became a fan late to the party I guess. I consider I and Love and You a perfect album. This is when I jumped on board. I got to see the band live, I must say that this was THE best audience I have ever experienced. I felt bad that I did not know every word to every song. The Brothers put on a FINE show indeed!!
So, What say you about The Carpenter? I listened to it only once on Spotify.
What other albums are classics/your favorites?
Thanks, Todd
Great band. And great guys. The band lived in my studio house in malibu and did there last record. It was a pleasure to have them there. Very creative individuals. Rick rubin produced the record. One of my fav bands. Your on to some good music when ya know about this act.
I see there's another version of "I & Love & You" being released Nov 19. Does anyone know if it's a remaster or what the deal is? Thanks!
As a cynical geezer musician I find it refreshing in a pop world dominated by hippity hop, Swift banality, Beiber, and Gaga, that a couple of dudes who can sing, play really well, and care about a high energy show are getting some air time. Unfortunately they soon will hook up with vapid starlets and become action film actors (read recent interviews) so enjoy these guys while they're still relatively unscathed.
I saw them live in September. As Wolf_garcia stated,they put on "a high energy show". A very high energy show indeed! If you like their albums, go see them if you get a chance. Their concerts are their albums on steroids!
I took another spin of the Carpenter,and I like it alot!!
There are a few songs that will be instant classic sing alongs in concert. Rick Rubin sure knows how to produce an album. Yes the album is clean/studio album and there is no grit to it like some prefer, but I like the sound of a clean album.
Documentroom, VERY cool!
What's your opinion of this album? Favorite songs?