Avanti III or Joseph audio Pearl ?

I'm fan Tubes Amps/Preamp, What best choice Audio Physic
Avanti III or Joseph Audio Pearl Speakers.

To provide any kind of helpful answer, you need to supply some more information, such as:
1. How the speakers will be used (mainly audio, mainly HT, or combination of both);
2. Kind of preamp and power amp you intend to use;
3. Details about your room (dimensions; whether lightly or heavily furnished; etc.);
4. Your listening tastes (preferred music; how loudly you like to listen; etc.);
5. Any other factors that might have an audible effect.

Thanks - Scott C.
The new Willson Watt 7 will blow them both with ease. You need some juice to throw there though. These guys can sound quiet and can sound very loud and have stable impedance comparing to JM Lab Utopias.
Need more info if you want to get some responses that are worthwhile.
You're comparing two TOTALLY different speakers, totally different sounds and totally different designs. Also, the Pearls are twice the price of the APs.

FWIW, the Wilsons are some of the EASIEST speakers to drive at 93 db....blah blah.

The Watt 7 is a fair comparison to the Pearl.
The Watt 6 can be had for the price of the APs.

I dunno....
Ian, 93 dB doesn't mean that they're easy to drive since they have large pair of woofers 15" or so that will definitely benefit from power vs. small amps. At the same time I was not pleased with sound of APs and truly saying with any side-firing-woofer speakers except Coincident Eclipce that is due to its high impeadance is the best choice for low-powered amps. BTW Coincident is also an excellent choice for the buck and it's realy a state of the art speaker whichever you pick from the their line.