Avanti Audio Allegro vs. Clear Day Double Shotgun

I am curious to know if anyone has ever compared the Avanti Audio Allegro and Clear Day Double Shotgun speaker cables. They are both in the $450 price range for a pair of 8' speaker cables, so which one should I go with? Thanks.
I can highly recommend the Clear Days, since I use them in my current system and pretty happy with them.
I have not used the Avanti.
Which one you should go with is likely to vary depending on the impedance characteristics of the speakers the cable is to be used with, especially given the very different gauges of these two choices. The two 12 gauge runs per conductor/polarity of the Avantis are equivalent to 9 gauge, while four paralleled runs of 24 gauge silver that are described as comprising each conductor of the Clear Day Double Shotguns correspond in copper-equivalent terms to between 17 and 18 gauge.

I should add, though, that there is a discrepancy between that 17 to 18 gauge figure and the resistance of 0.00325 ohms/foot run that is indicated in Paul's FAQ, which corresponds to about 12 gauge assuming that "foot run" refers to the combined resistance of + and - conductors each having a one foot length. (An explicit indication is not provided, btw, as to which cable configuration that resistance figure applies to, although the wording seems to imply a single pair of 24 gauge conductors!). That discrepancy appears to be irreconcilable; either the reference to four 24 gauge silver runs per polarity for the double shotgun is wrong or the stated resistance is wrong.

If the impedance of your speakers is low, especially in the bass and mid-bass regions, I suspect that the Avanti's would provide the most neutral/accurate behavior.

Disclaimer: I have no experience with either cable.

-- Al