Avanti Audio Allegro Speaker Cable Experience?

Does anyone have experience with the Avanti Audio Allegro Speaker Cable? How good does it sound and how does it compare to Clear Day Double Shotgun? I currently have the original anti-cable speaker cable and would like to upgrade. Another option for me would be the level 3 anti-cable speaker cable. Thanks.
Just purchased the Avanti Allegro speaker cable, very nice cable if your system is on the bright side, metal dome tweeters, horns or compression drivers.The mids are very nice with plenty of detail along with the rest of the sound.The bass is nice and tight not boomy. These cables will be perfect for many of today's speakers with enhanced bass and treble like the kef ls50.Unfortunately for me they sound rather boring in my system as my system is very neutral sounding, I placed my Signal cable silver resolution cables back in.I have purchased two pairs of silver interconnects  to try and give the sound some top end.These are very nice cables well made look fantastic and we'll worth the money in the right system as its all about synergy.