Avantgarde XLR subwoofer connection

I actually drive Avantgarde Uno with direct connection from preamp line out to XLR subwoofer connection, and i have the feeling that bass is greatly improved, compared to classical connection. Do you have the same experience? Marc from France ( forgive me for my poor english...)
Yes, actually 2 pair of the SUB225s with the Duo Omega.
I run from my pre to a Behringer DEQ2496 ( for bass correction ) then to a Y adapter to feed the signal to each sub.
I have never been a fan of driving AG speaker this way.

I much prefer the speaker level into a sub for any 2 channel system. Especially with an UNO as the sub comes so high to meet mid. Don't you find that odd phase or textural difference annoying? You will find it hard to get decent image depth or believable soundstage that way IMHO.
Chadeffect, i agree with you, its difficult to obtain a good result with direct XLR connection, because it depends from preamp line output. I came back today to usual connection, using Transparent Reference between medium and bass-treble, instead of Avantgarde cables, and its better

If you are in need of better bass, I would save your cash and find an amp with those characteristics you require and run the whole speaker from it.

You will have a much more cohesive sound. The UNO already suffers from the sub meeting the horn up high, so I wouldn't make an even larger difference in character by running subs with differing signal chain.

You will be in heaven when you find the right amp.
Right, i consider using the Model 3 as a preamp, and Pass Labs XA 60.5 for the Uno ( or maybe the Mezzo)

I bet the Pass labs would sound good. Doubt you even need the 60.5. The 30.5 would have plenty of power for you.

Are you a SS amp fan? Try some First Watt too. There are many flavours.
Chad Effect
What amp would you suggest for bass on Avantgarde? (Older model Duo 2.2) Was it Pass or you had some else in mind?
I have not seen any posts from Chad here recently, but last I heard he was in audio heaven running his Avantgarde of a high quality flea powered japanese SET amp. The Yamamoto shown still in his system listing I believe.