Avantgarde Version 3.0

I noticed that Avantgarde has released version 3 of their speaker line. I am interested in what changes were made from version 2. I would appreciate member's comments. Thanks in advance.
Actually, the version 2 seemed to evolve into the 3, with some of the features unique to the 3 only. For the Trios, the 110 db/1w, 19 ohm drivers are included in the later version 2 models (plus). The line level input is generally unnecessary for the woofers. I am not sure that the surround on the woofers is any different than the later version 2 either, although I would need to confirm this. These speakers can be wired easily enough with whatever one chooses.
Germans at the show seemed to indicate the differences were
primarily "marketing" and the Cardas wire and spikes are added in the US. Other than the line level inputs (that can help in hum problems), the drivers, horn and woofers, are the same as the series two. Having heard all three, they are clearly very close, and I would disagree with Findoc.

That aside, these are truly excellent speakers in any version.
After discussions with Jim Smith today regarding this topic, I will take further issue with Findoc's comments. The later version 2 series (the Trios anyway), called the "plus" included the new woofers, amps, and horns. The woofers in the 3 series were described as sonically the same as the 2 plus series but have an additional input upgrade to increase sensitivity. This, along with the line level input which is almost never used, could be upgraded but is not recommended as it does not improve the sound of the woofers. The high impedance horns have been used on all of the version 2 plus models. The web-site does not clearly identify the evolution of the 2 series, rather it compares only the earliest 2s to the 3 series. Again, should one desire, all updates from the 2 plus to 3 series are being offered but most are unnecessary. Jim Smith at Avantgarde would be the most qualified to explain these issues.