Avantgarde Uno's Or Klipsch La Scala MKII

Has anyone had the oppertunity to compare Uno's to the newer La Scala MKII's with good associated gear and set up properly? Is the Klipsch even comparable with modified cross overs & after market drivers?
I don't have any direct experience but the Klipsch LaScalas are limited on both ends of the spectrum. But the Unos are quite a bit more money. The Unos I heard did not sound like my Klipsch, a totally different type of sound. I would try to listen to some Unos and see if you like them.
Unos are a full-range speaker (as well they should be) and even more sensitive than Klipsch.
To be honest after owning many Klipsch models inc the best year LaScalas. I do wonder why folk think there good sounding. For only the K Horn is worth while. Go for the Uno. If you insist on Klipsch buy a k horn. Of course YMMV
To be honest after owning many Klipsch models inc the best year LaScalas. I do wonder why folk think there good sounding.

I imagine that you are in the vast minority of La Scala owners. But different strokes...
La Scalas where designed for sound reinforcement. I find many EV Altecs JBL to be far better performing and usually far less in cost. Buying a new La Scalas crazy too me for the best models where built in the 60s. A model 19 Altec will trounce a La Scala. As will most Altec models. Having owned modified collected and designed loudspeakers for decades I feel my opinion is well grounded by real experience I have owned these loudspeakers if that matters.
Br3098. You are not alone. I responded to another recent post by Renmeister. As far as Johnk is concerned, I take nothing away from his experiences, opinions and technical back ground. I take nothing away from anyone who does not like Lascalas, or, horns for that matter. We are all men/women with ears. We are all "looking for something" in our pursuit of nirvana. I have 40 plus years involved in this hobby, as well as my livelihood for many of them. For a "sound reinforcement" speaker to find its way into many homes over the years, by folks like you and me, and many musicians and other music listeners/audiophiles I have known over the years, shows the versatility and excellent design of the Lascala. I really like the statement by Bill Lowe of Audioquest: "To do less harm". I make the point of saying " To each his own " . Let us all enjoy !
I value all your opinions and thank you for taking the time. It's difficult purchasing new speakers. I had closed my mind to the possibility of horns until I listened emotionaly as opposed analytical. Not something I do to often. I believe this was a result of the speakers. I can't afford the Avantgarde with the half horn bass cabinet. They sell for $50K with no U.S. distributor. I don't have that kinda cash nor would I ever purchase a product with out recourse.
Renmeister, you can get Avantgardes without the Basshorns for circa $20K new (Unos) or used Duos for a similar outlay. They are a long-established German company and mine have been trouble-free for the 8+ years I've owned them.
Renmeister, you called me twice 10 days ago and then emailed me again yesterday. I have returned your phone calls and returned your emails, but have not heard back from you.

I AM an Avantgarde dealer and have been for over 10 years. I handle service and warranty issues for all of my Avantgarde customers, of which there are many. And that includes Avantgarde customers throughout the US.

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A friend had recently purchased a La scala, it has already been sold on, beautiful cabinet , sound, errr, no and definitely not in the same league as the Avantgarde's ..

Weseixas. Stock Lascala (original) cabinets have major resonance and vibrational problems, which destroy any potential for enjoying them, especially at near field......more info on this can be found on AA and the Klipsch site.