Avantgarde UNO's 2.2 advice needed


I wanted advice from avantgarde users regarding the UNO’s 2.2.

I recently auditioned them and was astounded by the clarity, resolution and the low level detail of these speaker’s they were miles better then my Dynaudio 1.3SE(which I think are bloody bland when compared to the UNO’s) the UNO’s to me threw a massive soundstage with pin-point imaging, the presentation was in your face right there, not the laid back sound I’m used to but in no way fatiguing, these were one of the most involving speakers I have heard.

I heard the UNO’s with the Nagra’s and the Jadis amps and metronome front-end, with the nagras the high’s were cold close to harsh but the mid-range was something I had never experienced before. With the Jadis the sound was more balanced the highs were sweet but at the expense of the mid-range(not bad sounding at all but not the same as the nagras).

Now I have been offered a fantastic deal on these speakers which has got me thinking if I should take the plunge and buy them, but there are a few things that are holding me back;
My room size is 12*24 and my listing position is about 7 1/5ft from the speakers and the speaker’s are placed 6ft apart with a RPTV in between(soon would be getting rid of it thou). To me I think this would be rather too close to listen to the UNO’s correct me if I’m wrong.

I’m planning on using a 300B amp to power them with my Audio Aero Prima DAC MKII running direct into the amp, would this setup sound good in my room? Or I’m better of waiting and buying something else.

I have been offered this at almost half the retail.(Demo)

I have the Duos, and have been through all the trials and tribulations involved with setting them up and getting everything to sound just how I want it. It took a long time and a lot of hard work especially with respect to speaker positioning. I must have moved the speakers at least 50 times before finding the right position where things got sounding really good. I use mine in a 15x19 room (dedicated) and have the positioned about 9 ft apart and am sitting about 11 to 12 ft away. If you are listening to a very well setup pair and think that you will be able to put them where you want them to asthetically go you may end up being very dissapointed. If you don't have some real flexibility in regards to placment it will be very unlikely that they will sound great in the place you want them to be.
Your room is plenty big but you will have to be flexible on it's arrangement to get the Unos to do what they are capable of. Ejlif is right, if you plop them down where your old speakers were and sit in the same spot you will likely be dissapointed. I think 7.5 feet is too close, I have Duos and you have to get far enough away for the sound to come together. Too close and you will be more in line with one horn than the other. They have a bit more flexibility than some speakers in that they can be closer to the back wall than many. Since the woofer level is adjustable you can get by with placements that won't work with a lot of speakers.

Your electronics should be fine although I prefer a little more powerful amp. Even though they are very efficient they seem to open up with an amp that has some breathing room. The matching Model 5 integrated is a great choice but I don't think you will be dissapointed with a good 300B amp either.

Go for it, they really are something special.
If you could arrange your room so that they can be placed on the 24' wall, and place your seat near the rear wall, you might be pleasantly surprised.
If you can do this, place them each 6'(center of the drivers) from the side wall, which gives you 12' (center to center) between the speakers. Try playing with the positioning front/rear with them about 1/2 way (front of drivers( into the room and move them back from there to what sounds best. Toe in being correct (there's a simple "site", like properly aiming a pistol or rifle) makes a big difference. If you put the seat all the way against the wall, move your head into the room and find the spot that sounds best to you. Probably about 2' off the rear wall to your ear.
This setup takes a lot of the room effect out of the equation.
As mentioned above, your ears need to be at least 10' away from the front of the drivers for them to blend properly.
If you try this, and you like it, let us hear back from you?
Good Listening!

Thanks for your inputs all of you'll, well I guess I'm going to steer away from this deal as I don’t have much flexibility in placement, they would have to be setup this way only :(, can you guys recommended me something that can be easily placed in my room and sounds close to the UNO's.

Thanks again,
I own UNO 2.2's. I currently listen to them in a 11 X 19' room. They actually sound good because the directivity of the horns causes less sidewall interaction than a typical conventional loudspeaker. I think that 300B's would be great with the speaker. I have 2A3's and 45's and they sing. My speakers are about 18 to 24" from sidewalls and the front of the horns are about 48 - 54 inches from the front wall. I listen about 8' from the front of the horns. Proper toe in and horn tilt is necessary as well as tweeter height to maximize the sound. I know that my set up is compromising the sound somewhat, but it can only get better in a larger room. The realism is terrific! I would buy the speakers!!
Although the speaker placement you are constrained by is not great, you will probably still be able to make them sing. In my setup (Duos 2.2 in a room 35x20 with Verdier tube preamp and Quad IIs with Platine Verdier TT), I don't really worry about a sweet spot. I now just walk around my room and the space is filled with real music. If you don't need to sit 7 and 1/2 feet from the speakers, don't bother. Just sit elsewhere or wander around. You'll be very surprised. My Duos sound almost holographic with realistic imaging (ie believeable broad images, not pinpoint ones).
Try a oris horn owned duo 2.2 and love my oris to me better than AG

Thanks for your replies, I guess it would be really difficult for me to make the UNO’s perform at its fullest in my room, but still I keep thinking about them all the time I have never something like this before it was crystal clear; a fantastic experience.

After listening to the UNO’s I have researched a lot on tube friendly speakers, I *assume* high efficiency speakers which don’t drop below 6.5OHM’s should sound fantastic and should give me the nth degree of inner-detail and resolution without the harshness when paired with a quality low-powered tube amp, also I guess I want to have nearfield speakers as I’m listing to them from on 7 1/5ft.

Could you recommend speakers that meet the above description also please take into account that it should sound good in a nearfield setup.

Hello Satyam,

You might consider the Classic Audio Reproductions T-5. Fairly high efficiency, high impedance (16 ohms nominal as I recall), and very high quality components in an attractive wooden enclosure. Stunningly lively and dynamic. I can't swear that the T-5 is a great nearfield loudspeaker as I haven't made a point of listening to 'em at close range, but the drivers have wider dispersion than the Avantgardes' do and thus are probably more likely to integrate well up close. Very nice synergy with OTL amps due to the high impedance.

For more information, go to:


You might want to give designer John Wolff a call to ask him about your intended application. John is a straight-shooter, not a salesman.

I don't sell Classic Audio Reproductions speakers, but I do admire 'em a lot. Not much information on the T-5 on the 'net; I'd suggest you consider making the pilgrimmage to Brighton, Michigan to audition 'em for yourself if your preliminary investigation gives 'em a thumbs-up.