Avantgarde UNO or TAD CR-1 or Accuphase?

I am thinking for some time now to upgrade my system bBut since I am not 100% sure which way to go, I thought it would be a good idea to start this thread and ask your opinions.

My system consists of Accuphase electronics (E-550 class A integrated, DP-500 cd player and the DG-38 voicing equalizer) and a pair of Focal Micro Be speakers complemented with a REL Stentor 3 subwoofer. I have a dedicated study/music room and I have spent a lot of time to maximize the performance of this system in this room, e.g. speaker placement, bass management and acoustic treatments to eliminate any echoes at my listening position. For more details about my system (e.g. cables, mains, etc.) and room layout see below the link to my virtual system:

My Virtual System

These are my current options:

Option 1:
Since I am very happy with my speakers (MicroBe + Rel) and at the same time I am very found of Accuphase electronics, my first impulse is to move to an Accuphase pre-power combo, i.e. a C-2810 preamplifier and an A-45 (or A-60) class A power amp. This way I will keep the synery between Accuphase and Focal that I like so much, and do get a significant upgrade. If I play my cards right this will cost me 14-15k euros (for demo units that come with warranty) which is within my budget. The only negative thing I can see about this move is that it will inevitably lead to further upgrades like better speakers (e.g. Focal Diablo or Raidho C1.1) and/or a top Accuphase cd player (e.g. DP-700).

Buy a pair of Avantgarde UNO speakers and keep my current electronics (maybe still keep my current speakers and switch from one pair to the other as mood strikes). I know my current electronics synergies very well with the UNOs as about two years ago I had a wonderful audition of the UNOs driven by Accuphase electronics that were very similar to main. This route is a few good thousands euros cheaper than option one. However, there is a chance that my room is too small for the UNOs. My room is 3.6 x 4.7 meters, i.e. 11.8 x 15.4 feeds, and I will be able to see at 2.9 meters, i.e. 9.5 feet, from the UNOs (see the scheme with the Avantgarde speakers on my system page - the last photo.)

Option 3:
Buy a pair of 2nd hand TAD CR-1 speakers. I have heard the TAD Evolution speakers this year at the Munich show and liked them very very much. The CR-1 are supposed to be much better than the Evolutions and also to synergies very well with Accuphase. This third option is a few good grands above my budget. Moreover, I have a few other concerns: 1) Will my E-550 integrated (30 class A watts in 8 ohms and doubling down till 2 ohms) be able to drive these speakers appropriately?, 2) What if the CR-1s will be too large for my room?, and 3) Paying so much money (a bit more than 20k euros) for a 2nd hand speaker with no warranty make me a bit uncomfortable.

Since I am in no hurry, I will take my time (i.e. try to get home auditions with the UNOs and the Accuphase pre-power combo) before taking a final decision. Of course, I do not expect to get a definitive answer for you guys (no two persons have the same ears, taste, preferences and listening habits), however, any thoughts and shared experience on the above components will be greatly appreciated.

I thank you in advance!
What about the Focal Utopia Diablo, this is a solid step up from the former model as you have.
I think your room is too small for the TAD. If you like the Focal sound, you will be very happy with the Diablo Utopia.
Thanks for replies guys and sorry for the typos. (A too long post written too
late in the night. Also, English is not my first language.)

Noelpastor, your suggestion is certainly valid, however, I am not really
interested in buying the Diablos. I have heard the Diablos quite a few times
and I have liked them (but never enough to justify the huge price difference
between them and the MicroBes). The Diablos and the MicroBes share the
same Focal-school sound, i.e. fast and transparent, with the Diablos being
faster and more transparent than the MicroBes. I also do not like the
smiley/emoticon look of the Diablos (though this is less important).

Finally, I should say that Diablos are not the only transparent and fast
speakers that did not impressed me, Tidal and Magico did the same every
time I have heard them :). On the other hand, last year I had the Dynaudio
Confidence C1 mk1 speaker in my system for a week and I was extremely
impress with their performance - that full and coherent midrange blow me
away. If, in the end, I will go the Accuphase route, than most likely, at some
point, I will buy also a pair of Dyns (C1 or C2).

Linkster, would you care to elaborate why you think my room will be too small
for the TADs? This is indeed one of my concerns. In Munich the TAD Evolution
One speakers had absolutely no problem to fill a huge room (probably
more than 100 square meter) with marvelous sound. Are TAD speakers design
for large rooms? On the other hand, in the manual of Avantgarde UNOs it is
recommended to use the UNOs in rooms of at least 16 square meters. Since
my room is a bit larger than that, and since the TAD CR-1 speakers do not
have four ten inch woofers I was hopping I could use them in my room.

May I also propose that you keep your present Micros & add another subwoof. I.e., see the 2 Rels as a pair of "woofers". I've listened to a pair of Micro complemented by a pair of Focal subwoofs and the sound was full, powerful and complete (i.e. we could hear an orchestra sound like an orchestra -- not a quartet...)

The Avantgarde / Accuphase combo: can't say I was thrilled listening to Avant3 + accuphase (shrill and unbalanced sound), but who knows the Uno + integrated may work well. Would it work in yr room tho?

TAD CR-1- not sure you can easily drive these with your present power (what I mean is, forget it:) ). And they are outrageously expensive...
A pair I listened to (and enjoyed thoroughly) were driven by a much more powerful unit and managed to make big sound -- albeit, helped by a pair of subs.
Nvp, If you have the chance, check out the Capriccio Continuo speakers by (ATD) . These speakes would compete among the best monitors IMO. They are priced similar to Dyn C1s. Just widening your speaker choices.

Thanks for the reply guys and sorry for the late reply. I was traveling this last month and did not have much time for internet.

Gregm thanks for your comments. I do not really have place for a second REL Stentor 3 subwoofer. Adding more bass sources in a room is always beneficial, but it is certainly not the only way to get great bass. I have spent a lot of time optimizing the bass response in my room at my listening position. Beside optimizing the position of the subwoofer/speakers/listening-chair and the crossover and output level of the sub I have also made use of the Accuphase voicing equalize to tame down room renounces or to "fill-in" bass nulls. The REL and the MicroBes are integrated siminglessly.

Avantgarde and Accuphase pair very well and are quite a common combination. However, Avantgarde speakers are very sensitive to room placement and/or position of the listening chair. This can screw up things big time.

I agree that TAD products are outrageously expensive. In fact, given the fact that TAD products are manufactured in China, I would say that the retail prices of TAD reference products are ridiculous (in Europe at least). My plan was to buy a 2nd hand product at approximately half the retail prices.

Vinw, thanks for the suggestion but I am not really interested in doing more auditions. I have listen to a lot of stuff in the last 3-4 years and the brands I have mentioned in this thread are the ones that have impressed me the most (and consistently) during this time.

OK, so I went with the Accuphase, i.e. last week I bought an A-45 power amp, a
C-2410 pre-amp and also a DP-600 SA-CD player.

The reason I went this route, beside liking the Accuphase gear, was the
unexpected purchase of a pair of Dynaudio C1 speakers. These little speakers
put out an enormous amount of bass, which at times overwhelmed my room.
Since I had problems controlling the bass of the C1 in my room, I figured it is
best to not take any chances with the much more expensive TADs or the rather
large Avantgarde UNOs.
Cool, nice system there!