Avantgarde Uno Nano suitable for small room?

I am getting a pair of Lamm ML2.1 SET Tube monoblock amp. I currently have the Audio Research CD7 and ARC Reference 3.

I'm considering a pair of Avantgarde Uno Nano. I have a well treated dedicated listening room size 15x11x8. I would like to know whether the AG Uno Nano would be suitable for my room. Please feel free to comment and make suggestions.

I am also open to speakers recommendation to go with the Lamm ML2.1.
Yes, the Unos's will work beautifully in that room. Close to the side walls,with appropriate toe-in and about 3' to the back of the speaker from the rear walls. Sitting position against the rear wall. Near field magic...especially with the Lamms.
Yes, as long as you are able to sit at least 10 feet away from the speaker to allow the drivers to properly integrate.
You will love the Lamms with Avantgardes. The room sounds tight but doable; the key as Brf noted is to sit 10+ feet away, but while also preserving width (tweeter to tweeter) of 83% of the distance from each tweeter to your respective ear, so to sit exactly 10 feet away the centers of the tweeters should be 8.3 feet apart. This will place the outside of the mid horns very close to side walls. Luckily the speakers are very directional so placement near side walls is of little concern. Good luck!
That's interesting. From the three responses above, it seems like the avantgarde have to be facing the short wall (with the sides of the speakers near the long wall.)

I currently have my speakers facing the long wall. I tried placing my speakers facing the short wall before and the sound stage was too narrow. I imagine that the UNO will be the same if I place them facing the short wall. Or is it different with horn speakers? If I place them facing the long wall then I will be 9ft away from the horns. Do you guys think this would work?
If I place the UNO facing the short wall then at least how far do I have to be away from the side wall?
If you are to sit approximately 10 feet away from the speakers, then I would put start" with them approximately 12-15 inches from each sidewall.
I'd have them along the short wall facing down the length of the room. they aren't near field monitors (say like LS3/5as) and do need space for the horns to integrate with the SW. Don't worry about them being in the corners (I have my Duos in the corners of my room). The soundstage on AG horns extends significantly outside the speakers.

Your room will be fine with the Unos (Nano) - probably a bit samll for the Duos though.
Thank you all for the help.
I got a pair of AG Uno Nanos a month ago. They are really incredible - absolutely no regrets. They are super revealing but not ruthless at all. Can't ask for more!

As others said above, you would have to have them on the 11' foot wall and sit at least 10 feet away. I found that they shouldn't be toed in directly at you for best soundstaging but I think that even with 11' you can make them work well.

For amps like the ML2.1, the Avantgardes will definitely deliver the best performance for the money. IMO. I wanted very-high-efficiency speakers for many years and read zillions of reviews and visited tons of shops around the world and they are what I settled on. I'm thrilled with mine!