Avantgarde Uno and Amp

Thinking getting the Uno, any opinion?
What integrated tube amp to mate with them?
airtight 300b
Cary 300b SEI makes a nice match.
If you have the money to buy a pair of Avantgarde Uno's, I presume that the choice of an integrated amp is not due to budget constraints. There are several very good integrated amps on the market, such as the one by Mark Levinson, but most have substantially more power than you'll need for the Avantgardes. One integrated amp that has gotten absolutely sensational reviews in the European high-end audio press is the Lavardin IS, a French product. It was reviewed in the most recent issue (#10) of HiFi+ magazine, and the reviewer, Peter Christie, spoke of it in nearly ecstatic terms. Here are few lines extracted from his review article:
"I have listened to an awful lot of hi-fi in the last 17 years. I have had the pleasure to review a lot of hi-fi gear in the past 3-4 years. This is the first time I have ever been so completely and utterly impressed with any single piece of equipment -- ever.... There is really very little about its physical appearance (very minimalist) that gives the slightest indication as to the sound it makes. However, if one day you are fortunate enough to hear one, the sheer scale, power, and beauty of its performance will impress itself into your memory, and it will remain there for the rest of your life!"

The Lavardin IS only has about 30 wpc of power (into 8 ohms), but that should be plenty for the Avantgardes. I have not heard the Lavardin, but it might be an excellent choice for you. Not sure of the price in the US, but it should be under $2000.
check wavelength audio www,wavelength.com 513-271-4168
gordon rankin, he suggests a mercury 437a or a gemini twin. monoblocks. kurt
Sun Audio SV-2A3. You can buy it for $950(kit) plus shipping. I tried 4 different 300B amp with my Uno, Audio Note Conquest, Cary 300BSEI, Cary 300B SE, Sun Audio SV-2A3. I like the 2A3 sound.
be carefull you must choice the quitest one with uno.
Bc7486, is the Sun Audio SV-2A3 a integrated? If not, what preamp are you using? And would you tell me more about the Uno? I have a 12x13 apt living room, will it be too small for the Uno?
Yes, SV-2A3 has volume control(only one set of input), but the quality of the control is unacceptable to me. I changed with dual mono ladder attenuator, and work very well. Adsal is right. Uno is very sensitive. Cary's amp is quiter than the SV-2A3. SV-2A3 uses AC heater, Cary 300BSEI uses DC, but I like SV-2A3 better.
Bc, is my room too small for the Uno?
i compared cary with airtight 300b my choice is air tight.
Where can I find out more about air tight and Sun Audio?
Do they have a website?
i bought my airtight 300B from ultra system robert stein phone:215-2978824