Avantgarde or Genesis speakers

I have a set of Avantgarde Grosso loudspeakers. I have enjoyed these speakers although they have been very difficult to place and get the integration of the sub and mid range working correctly. Interestingly I had the opportunity to hear the new Genesis 5.3 speakers. Has anyone with experience with either or both of these brands have any comments pro or con for either in terms of overall presentation, room placement or electronics to drive the Genesis? Which are easier to work with? Thanks in advance for any hel herep
I have enjoyed my Genesis 5.3 speakers for about 6 months and hopefully will be my last speaker purchase; although I've said that before. Pros: you should not need a sub has they go down to 18Hz. Speakers can be tweaked to your preference with tonal controls. They sound great.

Cons: even thou they have active bass, they like power-120watts min- with 9 drivers per speaker. Don't like to be close to the wall behind them. The cost!

I'm not familiar with your speakers.

I have had my Genesis 5.3 for nearly 2 months and had the dealer's demo pair for about 2 months.

These speakers are flexible (they have adjustments for Tweeter, Midrange and Subwoofer control incl a crossover adjustment). So if you have a difficult room, you can use these adjustments to help smoothen out the response.

Having metal drivers with ribbon tweeters and and active sub, the speakers are fast. So your amp needs to keep up so as not to slow down the flow of music.

Of course if you prefer a more sensual, enveloping sound, by all means this will work too. THe Genesis amps are a definite match and i am evaluating the 360 with Max Headroom (extra power supply).

As it is a dipole designed speaker, you will need space for the speaker to fill the room, if not, it will overload it. My room is 15' W x 18' D and any smaller the speakers will not breath well.

With the active sub, it really works well as bass integration is seamless, unless you crank up the bass and have the wrong crossover point, then it starts to get lumpy.

These speakers can go really loud (provided the amps dont run out of breath) and it can do Swing, Salsa, Rock, big scale classical with no problems are at all...

In terms of speaker placement, Genesis has a set up procedure that is very accurate and once you have Room Lock, the music starts flowing and you stop trying to pick out things to improve (in terms of music flow and presentation).

Read the Genesis Website for the speaker set up. I am sitting about 9' from the speaker and have no issues with driver integration

Have not heard the Avantgardes Grosso so unable to comment.

Good luck in your search.