Hello AudioGoners,
I am thinking about owning a piece of history,(A Mcintosh).since i have enough tube amps to last me a couple of lifetime,therefore i am thinking about a SS Mcintosh.is this a good idea to match a MCintosh 2100 with my cary slp98 and the avantgarde uno?.i have no experience with Mcintosh gear.i just want a part of history.good idea or Bad? thanks
the mc 2100 is a lousy little amp,i hated mine & couldnt wait to get rid of it,alot of the older mac gear isnt worth owning.

if you intend on owning a peice of mcintosh history i would reccomend looking at a few other older mac amps like the mc 2155,mc 7150,both of these amps sound much better than the mc 100.

I have a MC352 and love it. It has pleanty of power. It would be nice to hear what it would sound like with the SLP98, what a sweet preamp, I really like the Cary stuff and have thought about going with the CAD-211 amps. I have stayed purly with McIntosh, everything seems to "fit" together really well. I love owning McIntosh, there really is nothing like them.
You have to realize the MC2100 is a 40 year old design! Transistors weren't quite developed back then as they are now. I think you would hear a lot of background noise with Avantgardes. If you want an inexpensive McIntosh that would sound significantly better then the 2100, try the 7100. It is much more modern and will be WAY quieter, not to mention better looking.

If you have your heart set on the 2100, go ahead but you are warned. ;) Good luck! Arthur