Avantgarde in small room?

My listening room is pretty small(16.5ft x 11.5ft x 8ft) but i'm looking to buy Avantgarde Uno Horns...Has anyone tried to play these speakers in a small room? Will this overblown my room?
Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
I have Duos in a 17 x 12 x 8 room. Sounds wonderful.

Treat your room with Eighth Nerve products and you will be very happy. He has a new line coming out soon that is a bit more expensive but works better too.

Try a pair of Solo,s see 6 moons review. the biggest problem with room size is how close you will be sitting, you will hear the individual drivers, not the one voice that is more musical.
I have Unos in a 19 X 11 X 8 room. They are great in this room and can be even better in a larger room. One of the nice things about horns is the directivity. They are less prone to side wall reflections so they work OK in a challenged room. The bass is the real dilema. It is fine, but would benefit from some breathing room.
I have a 121/2 X 21 room and was wondering the same thing(Duo's) how far away do you need to sit?
I have Duos in a much larger room (35 x 18). However, the Duos are set up for a listening position about 14 ft from the speakers. I think you'll be fine with Unos in a 17 x 12 room. Just be patient with the setup. Mine were set up by Graham Tricker (GT Audio) who is the UK distributor - he came up and spent a morning setting things up , particularly the toe-in and the bass settings.