Avantgarde in NYC?

There used to be a shop on 23rd St or 24th street that had these speakers and Manley gear. They seem to have disappeared? Any info?

You're thinking of Rhapsody on West 24th (www.rhapsodynyc.com). I don't know if they're still representing Avantgarde and Manley, as neither is currently listed on their site. If you give Bob a call, I'm sure he'll fill you in.
I don't think they represent Avantgarde any more. For a while, I think they were doing Acapella- and now, they seem to be devoted to Goldmund systems. I'm not sure there is an authorized dealer in NYC. As to Manley, I was forced to buy my Steelhead from the infamous Andy Singer, who I was told was the only authorized dealer for the city.
the time i was there they used viva with avantgardes.
solos i liked the most.
Rhapsody Music & Cinema is still located at 27 West 24th Street, Suite 506. We sell Joseph Audio, Hyperion and Goldmund speakers.

There is a new Avantgarde distributor that is listed on the Avantgarde Acoustics website. He is located in CA and would have the latest info. on Avantgarde's plans for NYC.

Bob Visintainer
By the way, I really appreciate you taking time and allowing me a listen when I visited your dealership in March, Bob. You were a most generous host.

Always a pleasure. Have a great Holiday Weekend?