Avantgarde Duo upgrades

Does anyone know of any upgrades ie: cables etc for the Avantgarde Duo's? These are the original with the crossovers but do have the 225 Subs. Thanks in advance.
You might try to ask Verybigamp a.k.a. Romy the Cat!
Contact Jim Smith with Avantgarde. Jim is the importer for the speakers and has been working on an upgrade package. I believe he is shipping it now. You can find his number at www.avantgardeusa.com and at this site you can find his info on the upgrades:


You've probably seen this link, but just in case you haven't:


It does look like there are upgrades for you.
Thanks for your replys. I have been to the website and have even spolen to Jim Smith. The upgrades he has apparently are not for the series 1.1. Anybody try different power cables on the subs or different hook-up cable between the mid and treble horns? Again thanks.
If you're handy with a soldering iron, you might try these crossover upgrades:


I used Jensen oil caps and Goertz inductors and it took my Duo's to another level.
After trying different things with a few sets of Avantgarde speakers my advice would be to upgrade your equipment,speaker wire, and or interconnect,power cords,even your AC power, but leave the speaker as is. The resale on them is not that good as it is ,if you modify them it will be far worse. The changes to the later versions are no big deal, they help justify the big price increases, and give the appearance of new models. Audience power cords and speaker wire work well on the Avantgardes
The biggest upgrade i did to my Duos was to build a solid brass stands that diconnect the subs from the horns totally. Those interested i will be able to send you a picture. Just e mail me .