Avantgarde Duo owners in NYC?

Would you be willing to have me over for a listen? I'm considering the Duo Mezzo, and would like to have a listen again before pulling the trigger.

I promise to bring a gorgeous bottle of red or white, your choice.

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Are there currently any dealers? I know Stereo Exchange used to sell them.
They show a lot around the world and if you are in the Avante Garde circle of fans who can afford new you can find a demo spot. Just write to them. BTW how good a red are we talking 1st growth Bordeaux from a great year? or what?
Rhapsody Music and Cinema.
24th street between 5th and 6th ave.
I'm in Philadelphia, if you want to make a trip.
Zd542: I haven't seen AG's at SE.
Mechans: Ok... We can discuss the red...
Golden: Yes. Working with Bob, he's great.
Maril555: I definitely would. :) Prob best to sync on email. Mine is miglto at gmail dot com.