Avantgarde Duo Omega

What would you say is the minimum size room that you could these puppies into, without compromising sound potential and quality? Also, minimum distance from each other, back wall, sitting position, side walls. Thanks!
Avantgarde dealer disclaimer.....

The minimum room that I would put the Duo Omega is aprox. 14'W X 17'D. I have already had them in a 12' W X 15' D and they sounded very intimate, but a little more space is nice. You can literally put them back against the wall if you want, but they sound better a few feet off the back wall, although it really is personal preference. With the subs having freq. and volume control capability you can dial the bass in, which is really nice. I would not want the speakers closer than 7's from each other, although again, this ends up being personal preference.
Mine are in a 14 x 17 room, which I agree is an approximate minimum. You want to sit 12' or more from the drivers for proper integration. Mine are best with 10' between the tweeters at a listening distance of 12'.
Thanks. Looks like they'll have to wait until I'm in a bigger space. I'll just have to rough it with my Raidho C 1.1's. Poor me. :-)