Avantgarde Duo 2.2 Amplifier Match.

Hi all,
I'm currently running my duos with an Arc VT100mk11. It sounds very nice after a bit af wailing and Gnashing of teeth at the start(I had tube problems at first). Anyway, I'd like to try the Lunatic Fringe that is SET's. Has anyone tried the Yamamoto A-08s with the Duos. I'd be very interested if anyone has. It seems to be very good value for money at around 2,200 usd. I'm probably just going to order one without hearing it. So if anyone thinks that this would be a major mistake then please let me know.

Thanks for your time and advice.
Oh my God.......... I just posted this exact same question about two weeks ago. Have you checked the archives? Your VT100 IS NOT the way to go.

Wavelength Cardinal X1, Lamm ML2.1, Welborne Labs DRD 300B
Go for the yamamoto..if you dont like it,put it on audigon and i ll be the 1st buyer to take it off your hand..
Art Audio PX25 or Audiopax would be good too........ My PX25 is sounding very tasty about now.

I 2nd Cmo's recommendation on Audiopax. Suggest you check out the Wavac line too. VERY musical.
The classic choices, as others have noted, are the Audiopax 88s and the Art Audio PX-25; their gain structures are particularly well-suited to the Avantgardes. But do yourself a favor and listen to Lamm ML2s or the newer ML2.1s...noise can be an issue, but MAN do they make music!
I have heard the Duos with an all cary setup and Cary CAD-211 amps. I can tell you that was a very good match.
I not only vote for the Audiopax synergy with these speakers but the cable will make a big difference too(I'm still fiddling with the Timbrelock feature, but leave that out of the equation for now). I was using some Van de hul Revelation Hybrid from my other system until the Cardas Golden Reference arrived. And, when I changed the jumpers from the factory strings to custom jumpers made by Cardas from the Golden Reference, the difference was not subtle. At all.
Hey Guys,
Thanks for your posts, I have ordered a Yamamoto direct from Yamamoto-san in Japan. It seems a very interesting way to go. I'd love to try the Audiopax amps too but dollar for dollar the Yammy seems like considerable value. From your posts it appears that the set A-08s will bring me a considerable change in my system over the vt100 hopefully for the good.

I've heared the 300b Wavac with the Duos the sound was simply stunning (oracle transport/audionote sig 3.1 dac/ audionote pre). But Wavac is not an option because of cost.

I'm told that it'll take about a month to make and ship the yamamoto . I'm salavating allready, cant wait.

I'll let you know how it all goes.

NB the recent stereophile review was of AC fillament model I think. The new A-08s is supposed to be even better. Anyway for around 2.5k I dont think you can go wrong.

Thanks all for your time.
Anyone ever tried to match the Duos with the BAT VK60/75?
I am using my Duos with the Hovland sapphire with much success. Tried low powered SETs such as 45, 2A3, 300B but it didn't seem to bring out the best in the Duos. I am also curious about the Quad ll-forty
I demoed my AVG's with a BAT amp (VK50 SE I think (it was their new small model)). I almost didn't buy the speakers....... I asked my dealer to put his Nagra 845's on and we were off to the races ( or should I say the bank). I will probably get dogged for this, but I have heard BAT amps in my system more than once and didn't like the sound at all.

Hi Chris,
Did you buy the Nagra? How is it? That IS a dream amp!
No, the Nagra (at 20k now) was out of my budget. It sounded great, but ultimately it was a bit too noisy with the AVG's. I ended up with an Art Audio PX25 and think it sounds great.......... I probably like it better than the Nagra's for 90% of my needs.