Avantgarde dealers

Can somebody point me to an Avantgarde dealer in NY, or NJ?
There are none in Philadelphia, where I live.
GTT Audio in NJ, talk to Bill, a great guy who really knows the loudspeakers well.

Music at work,
Thank you. Do you know any in NYC?
I'm sorry, I don't. I listened to Avantgarde Uno Nano and Duo Omega at GTT Audio and was a very nice experience. They have several different amplifiers, both tube and solid state, in which to audition the loudspeakers as well as wonderful analog.

I believe Rhapsody in NYC is an Avantgarde dealer.

Best system I ever had was Avantgarde Trios (with bass modules) and Lamm electronics (L2 Reference Preamp, ML2.1 Amps, LP2 Deluxe Phono) wired with Transparent Reference XL.

You're in for a life-changing experience.

For what it's worth, though I've never used GTT, that's where I'll head when I return to Avantgardes. Bill Parish is supposed to be a really good guy. Happy listening --

Thank you!