Avantagrde UNO w/ CJ Premier 8

I know that the Avantgarde UNOs need just a few watts to sound great, but I own a 275W Conrad Johnson Premier 8 amp (2 of them - monoblocks) and facing a good opportunity to grab this spkrs, could this turn like a possible match made in hell?

Thanks for your advise

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If there aren't noise issues (too much hum or hiss) without music playing, then the Premier 8 amps should work fine. If they don't, I have a very nice TAD-803 tube amp with only 30Wpc in triode, that I would be willing to trade for your Premier 8's. :)

But I wouldn't necessarily blow the chance to buy those speakers just because you think your CJ amps may not be the best match. If they turn out to be a poor match, heck, just sell them and buy what you need!
Horn speakers, more so than dynamic-driver speakers, need to be very carefully matched to the room they are used in. You also have the issue raised by Plato about possible excessive noise with a highly efficient speaker being paired with potent tube monoblocks.

Perhaps Avantegarde addresses the issue of room size and compatability on its website (assuming it has a website).
Regarding Raquel's point on room matching vs. cone speakers - I feel that this is incorrect, except for needing to sit 12' or more away for the Uno drivers to properly integrate. One of the many great things about the Avantgardes is that, due to their limited dispersion (compared to cones), the distance to sidewalls is not critical; coupled with the adjustable output level & crossover point of the subs, this makes Avantgardes much EASIER to place with regard to room boundaries. And as long as your room is 200 SF or more, no worries.
Thanks Raquel/Pluto - I am very compromised as far as room space since I virtualy use the living room as an audio room (or is it the other side around?..jejeje)

This same guy is offering me a pair of N801, what do you think?, will it be an upgrade from my Avalon Eclipse baseline?


keep the cj and look for another pair of fullrange speakers
Heard the AvantGardes UNO last night!!

Power is not an issue at all, however your gain could be very high with the preamp, and in turn with noisey tubes will show you this, you might not get to high on the dial either, I heard the Duo's put with a 40 watt intergrated solid state and it was excellent, however you could not turn up much past 1/4 knob.
undertow - very true, the thing is that, if I keep the Avantgardes, i will have 260 watts left (unused), so I might go for a less-powered amp. I heard the TRIOs with THOR amps - fantastic!
Oh yeah the Thor amps are sweet definatley, I have heard them on Coincidence another hi efficiency around 10,000 speaker, but they are not nearly as efficient as the Avantgardes, I think they are around 97 db but very nice with Thor, I really like the hockey puck design too, most people dont'. Truth is that yeah I can see where your issue is, mainly its not cause of the efficiency not using that power but because the Uno is Bass powered right? I forget but I know the duo's are, and if you are then doing nothing but running the mid horn and tweet horn then no bass is even being driven to soak up some of the balls of those tubes and your "tone:" might end up better with smaller sweeter amps no doubt.
Yes - the UNOs subs are powered (150Watss in this case) I will try an Audio Prism Mantissa EL34 power amp from a friend this weekend and will post my findings.

You should try them with Quadll amps..